Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Arewa Consultative Forum says it has lost confidence in Buhari


Spokesperson for respected Arewa Consultative Forum, Emmanuel Waye has expressed disappointment with the inability of the Buhari government to tackle insecurity in the North.

Speaking with Channels TV on Wednesday, Waye said he has never felt unsafe.

He added that though he had faith in Buhari’s abilities in the past, he has lost it now.

How can I have faith in someone who presides over this kind of thing? I had faith in him when I followed him as a reporter and he chased away some foreigners who were coming to kill us,” he said.

“When he was coming to be President, I had faith in him. I witnessed how successful this man was in chasing enemies out of our country in 1983. But now, 300 people kidnapped in his home state.”

He explained that no northerner is happy with the state of insecurity in the region.

“I can’t go to my home state of Taraba. The whole place is in chaos, they are killing people every day. That one is not publicised because there is no oil in Taraba.

“All over the north, there is insecurity. I have never felt unsafe like I feel now. What can I say? You have seen what is happening to our people,” he added.

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