Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Yahaya Bello: There is no need for another lockdown


Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello has warned that the country cannot afford another lockdown.

He said the current economic recession was because of the initial lockdown and warned those advising the President to have the fear of God.

He explained that COVID-19 doesn’t pose a threat to life and should be seen as Malaria.

The governor stressed that his state were able to manage COVID-19 because they didn’t give in to fear.

He said this when the National Union of Journalists awarded him an award of excellence in Lokoja.

‘When we were told that there was COVID-19, I warned against spreading of fear and panic. See what has happened. If they had listened to my advice, this economic recession would have been avoided. But we were playing politics with the whole thing.

β€œPeople lost their sources of livelihood. If we cannot provide for the people, we should not take away what they have already. But that was what happened. People lost their jobs. Even the media industry was affected.

β€œI am calling on those managing this pandemic to have the fear of God. President Buhari is a good man and he means well. He works with the system. This is why I am calling on those who advise the President to do that with the fear of God. We cannot have another lockdown.

β€œIn Kogi, we did not give in to fear and we were able to successfully manage the pandemic because COVID-19 does not pose any threat to life as being rumoured. It is like malaria and we have to see it that way.”

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