Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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You do not mean well for Nigeria, if you call it a failed nation – Nasarawa gov. roars


Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa has said that critics of the administration’s handling of insecurity do not see the work being done.

Though he admitted that his party, the APC hasn’t done well in security, he argued that progress is being made.

Reacting to an article written on Financial Times, a foreign media describing Nigeria as a failed state, Sule said purveyors of that belief probably do not mean mean.

Speaking on Channels TV on Sunday, Sule said, “I do not give our administration, the APC, ‘excellent’, in the area of protecting lives and property of the people. I do not give APC ‘very good’. If you look at it very carefully, we have a lot to do in the area of security. There is no ambiguity about that. But are we improving in tackling the insecurity challenge? Yes.”

“My concern is people who think nothing is being done, people saying, ‘We are a failed state’. These are statements being made by people who probably don’t mean well for Nigeria and don’t understand what the government is doing and how the government is trying.

“If the (Kankara) children were still in the hands of those who kidnapped them, they will not even say Nigeria is almost a failed state, they will call us a failed state but now that they have been released, that is why we are getting a little bit of credit that we are about to be a failed state.

“The ‘Failed State’ statement has come up many times in the international media, not just for this administration but for the previous administration when Abuja was being burnt and when three states were under emergency. But now no state is under emergency,” Sule said.

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