Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Boko Haram is now weak – DHQ


Major-General John Enenche Coordinator Defense Media Operations says the military has weakend Boko Haram.

He said this while appearing on ChannelsTV Politics Today on Friday.

His position corroborated the statement released in celebration of Armed Forces Remembrance Day by Femi Adesina, Presidential spokesperson who said the Boko Haram Terrorists are weaker now.

According to Enenche, the analysis from the presidency is correct.

“Yes, the commander-in-chief is very right by saying that we have a weaker BOKO Haram. Why is it so? In the sense that as at 2015, before they came on board, we had a very terrible situation in the northeast.

“Between 17 and 20 local government areas were under the full authority of the insurgents, that is the Boko Haram group and what does that translate to. It translated to a fact that they (referring to Boko Haram) constituted authority, local administration and judiciary.

“They were even collecting levies, which we can term taxes, the people were subject to them, they sack traditional rulers and most of them were into exile. By 2016, the whole place were recaptured.”

He said the current crop are remnants who have no strongholds in the country.

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