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Buhari doesn’t appoint on merit, says Junaid Muhammad


Second republic lawmaker, Junaid Muhammad has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of nepotism.

According to Junaid, more than 99% of Buhari’s appointment are not based on merit.

He also expressed support for the comments made by Reverend Mathew Kukah on Buhari working to implement a northern hegemony but too exception to his inference on northerners being violent.

In an interview with Punch on Friday, Junaid said “I have no problem with part of his (Kukah’s) statement, but I don’t believe he is historically accurate by saying that coups come about when Muslims or northerners find themselves being marginalised,” he said.

“But I have to admit that the core issue he raised about nepotism is real, and of course marginalisation of some certain sections of the country is real and that nepotism is in favour of people that are close to Buhari, particularly his friends, cronies, relations and in-laws.

“Over 99 percent of the appointments Buhari made were not based on merit.

“Anybody who tells you that a nation cannot have more than one civil war is ignorant of history. Several countries, including the English and the Scots as well as Russia, Italy and Germany, have faced several wars. The French have gone through several civil wars.

“There must be a sense of justice among the people. If there is no justice, no matter how much you pray or no matter how much you try to convolute, the real reasons for the war will rear its ugly head and you will see yourself walking into another disaster.

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