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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “Self-Censorship is a broadcaster’s duty to society”- Adeolu Gboyega

As we look back to us clocking a year, on February 15th, 2019, and as part of activities to mark the anniversary, Empire Media NG is launching one of her initiatives for the one year anniversary. The initiative is tagged Ondo Empire Media Tour (#OndoEmpireMediaTour).

This is aimed at showcasing, promoting media personalities in Ondo State. We will be covering every of communication such as Print, Broadcast, PR. Meanwhile, we started with broadcast personalities.

We are bringing back to you and interesting interview with Adeolu Gboyega, Former Head of Programmes, Orange 94.5FM, Akure, who is now General Manager of Crest 87.7FM. Below is the interview we had with him.

EMPIRE MEDIA NG: Who is Adeolu Gboyega?

ADEOLU GBOYEGA: Adeolu Gboyega is a father, husband, broadcaster and a child of God. I’m the 2nd in a family of four. I studied Computer Science from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso and after that obtained a Diploma in Journalism and Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising from the International Institute of Journalism, Abuja before proceeding for a Masters degree in Information Management.

EMPIRE MEDIA NG: And how did the nick “BBR” (Biggest Boy on Radio) came into existence?

ADEOLU GBOYEGA: Radio creates an exciting experience. The Monica BBR is just something that will elicit interest and connect naturally with the listening public.

EMPIRE MEDIA NG: Studying Computer Science and being into Journalism then, the relationship between both seem not to be that mutual. Computer Science is a Science discipline while Mass Communication is of Arts or Social Science. What was the reaction of your parents?

ADEOLU GBOYEGA: Sciences was a choice I made due to the fact that I was by the special grace of God the best student in my class all through my days in Secondary School and so I naturally fell for the bias that the best students embrace the sciences. It was further fuelled by the desire of my mum to see me become a medical doctor since she is a Nurse herself. However, along the line, I realised my passion lies in the media industry. So, not minding my educational background, I had to follow that all the way.

EMPIRE MEDIA NG: And here you are today in the media…the biggest boy doing big. How long has Adeolu Gboyega been in the media as a broadcaster/journalist?

ADEOLU GBOYEGA: It will be 18years by Oct 5.

EMPIRE MEDIA NG: How did you start, the medium/broadcast stations you’ve work for,  and the experience?

ADEOLU GBOYEGA: I started as an Independent Content Provider. My first exposure on air was at the Broadcasting Service of Ekiti State where I started with Junior Request. After that, I was under the tutelage of the late veteran broadcaster, Biodun Fabunmi for about three years and he was the one who actually taught me the rudiments of programme presentation in Yoruba Language. In the year 2005, I started my own personal production on Radio Nigeria (Progress 100.5fm, Ado Ekiti). That of course led me to presenting on several radio stations in Ondo, Ekiti, Osun, Kwara and Oyo States. In the year 2012, I took up full employment with Orange 94.5fm, Akure where I am till date and functioned as Head of Programmes Department for the past three years.

EMPIRE MEDIA NG: Great steps taken.

EMPIRE MEDIA NG: Looking at the media world (Print, Broadcast and Online) how will you describe it, taking a look at it in the last 5-10 years.

ADEOLU GBOYEGA: The standard is dropping. The media industry in this age is contending with the menace of fake news. No thanks to those ‘wanna be’ journalists who have seized the social media space. The multiplicity of radio station too has allowed all kinds of personalities on the air waves. The business of broadcasting is a serious one and should not be left in the hands of charlatans. The better part of my career life so far has been with Radio Nigeria and I must say everything that I know today were the professional dictates I imbibed at the Africa’s largest Radio Network. It’s professionalism or nothing else.

EMPIRE MEDIA NG: But considering the rate at which information needs to be disseminate to the general public faster than before, don’t you see the need for establishing of more media houses/media channels, at this contemporary level we are in?

ADEOLU GBOYEGA: I agree. In fact, the country does not have enough yet. However, in establishing these stations, standard and welfare of workers should be a priority.

EMPIRE MEDIA NG: Existence of online media, how has it added value to media world?

ADEOLU GBOYEGA: The online media which is also known as New media can be said to be a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it helps one practise journalism better and faster. It harbours a pot pourri of information and enhances developmental journalism. However, the new media has been a curse to the profession because it also creates an avenue for non professionals to lay claim to the industry. It has helped Fake News to thrive and regulation seems to be almost impossible.

EMPIRE MEDIA NG: Music and video promotions on radio and TV stations, what will you advice NBC to do so as to reduce the rate at which artistes release their content before being aired?
ADEOLU GBOYEGA: I will advise the NBC to partner other sister agencies like the Nigerian Films and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) to create a system where any content that will be aired must first pass the test of censorship while radio and TV stations must rely on a tag of approval it gets from these regulatory body before the work goes on air. However, I have always argued that professional broadcasters should not wait for NBC ban before determining if a song is airworthy or not. Self Censorship should a pivotal role of every On Air personality.

EMPIRE MEDIA NG: What’s your advice for upcoming journalists, presenters?

ADEOLU GBOYEGA: To make a success of the industry, passion must tower above every other interests. Hardwork should drive you and do not loose focus because of the many challenges on the way to success.

EMPIRE MEDIA NG: Thank you so much to your time, sir. We appreciate.

ADEOLU GBOYEGA: You are welcome.

Join us next time for another edition of Ondo Empire Media Tour #OndoEmpireMediaTour. It will be interesting, educating and motivating.

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