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Jẹ Gùdù – Jẹrà (Fraud) – RELOADED, by Temitope Oluwafemi and Damilola Olufemi

They act to know better
But they taste more like Ata
They accept being the criminal while they are to be prayed for
Ah! Igba tí foo
And I ask, how come have we’ve get here.

Smiling, grinning while the citizens are crying
Spending, flexing when the society is wailing
JẸ gùdù jẹrà
Òní jẹ kú jẹ
They are the real ọ̀daràn and Ọkàn jua

The cards need be replaced
The old men need to be disposed
Together we step up
With one voice we raise the bar
With one spirit, we conquer!

Where will our savior come from?
We are flowing like river
All through north, east, west and south
Our movement became the news of the day
Our tongues now chant the songs of freedom
These echoes through states, nation and generations

The question was – where will our savior come from?
Our savior is us
The fight is ours
Not against one Nigeria
But for the thorns among our wheats

We say EndSars! Yes! Not just that
But End Sirs, Slave-I-Remain-Syndrom
I for you and you for youth
Àwọn jẹ gùdù jẹrà ti ko wa lẹru
Wọn tún ti ko wa lẹ̀rú
Wọn tún fẹ́ di wá lẹ́nu

No, not now! Àwa ti Sọ̀rọ̀ Sókè
Our voices are loud
Like the sounds of drums that wakes up the Aláàfin Ọ̀yọ́
Let the deaf see
And let the blind hear!

© Temitope Oluwafemi (@IamTemitopeFemi) and Damilola Olufemi (TheOluwadarmie), 2021


Here they come,
At this time closer than we thought,
Closer to us like hair to our skull,
They have come again,
To tell us 1 and 1 equals 3,
That dried sea will bring forth fish,
Like it’s a miracle?
No! Lies.

Àwọn jẹ gùdù jẹrà,
Àwọn òṣèlú-ọjẹlu,
They are the makers and breakers of pots,
They have appeared again,
To tell us,
They can see our pain with their ears,
And hear our plights with their eyes,
Like it’s a miracle?
No! Lies.

After a thousand tongues of lies,
We pretented to hear the truth,
We gave them our land,
We were still asked to till the ground,
But the harvest we cannot eat.

Who would save us from these butchers?
That give us bones,
And takes the meat,
They give our likes 7 fishes and 5 loaves of bread,
Only for the intervention of our creator to satisfy our needs,
Where would our savior come from?
From here, from there?

© Temitope Oluwafemi

1. Jẹ gùdù – jẹrà is a Yorùbá word that means Fraud, Deceit, gold digger etc.
2. Àwọn means people of same likes.
3. Òṣèlú – ọjẹlu is used here to represent politicians who claim to be working for the state but in the real sense, they are working for themselves.


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