Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Treat Sunday Igboho, others like common criminals, Makinde tells Police

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state has asked the state’s Police command to apprehend persons stoking ethnic tensions in the state.

He said this while receiving Ngozi Onadeko, the state’s new police boss in his office.

Known tout, Sunday Igboho was seen issuing an ultimatum to Fulanis to vacate Oyo state few days ago.

In a viral video, Igboho vowed to drive out Fulani herdsmen from Yoruba land because of their roles in insecurity.

Makinde said his administration will not give a free pass to persons stoking ethnic tensions. He said his government is after criminals, not the Hausa-Fulani in the state.

“For people stoking ethnic tension, they are criminals and once you get them, they should be arrested and treated like common criminals,” Makinde said.

“For this administration, the major pillar for us is security, because we know that all the good economic plans we have won’t be possible in an atmosphere of chaos and insecurity.

“So, when people say things that are neither lawful nor within the spirit of Nigeria’s Constitution, it is not acceptable here. And they cannot hide under the guise of protecting Yoruba’s interest to perpetuate chaos in the state.

“I am sure that since you came in, you must have heard about some things happening at Ibarapa axis of the state. I will still say it here that we are not after Hausa-Fulani. We are after criminals.

“We are after hoodlums and bandits irrespective of their tribe, religion, or creed. Those are the people we are after. If you look into the records, when we had the armed robbery incident at Okeho in Kajola Local Government Area of the state, some people were killed, some were arrested and we found out that they were from Ebira, from Kogi State. So, we want to go after the criminals – whether they are Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani or whomever they are.

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