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18+: How to release from the vagina before ejaculating

MYTH: Abstaining from sex makes you better at sports.

 Truth: This is an assumption, negative sex culture- when you don’t want people to have sex before their field event  because you want them to reserve all their energy. There’s no study that shows abstaining from sex is going to make you better at sports.

As an athlete, you can indulge in sex responsibly in a consensual manner with no drug and no late night. Have fun with sex and then go play your game. 

MYTH: Only old people  need lube.

 Truth: We are into the ageist myths- No it’s not true as everybody can benefit from using lube. It’s honestly, the most underrated sex accessory. If you don’t purchase anything else, please purchase lube because it is every woman’s bestie, and it is for people of all ages.

During menopause, decreased estrogen  reduces the vaginal lubrication. The woman’s body does have natural vaginal lubricants. So having sex during that time can be painful. It can be hard, and can be uncomfortable, You are not advised to use body lotions. The vagina has a mucous membrane which is completely different from the skin on your body. This is where water-based comes in handy, and  probably, be the safest bet for your own body.

MYTH: Vaginas stretch out with use.

 Truth: They don’t stretch out with use-the vaginal canal is a muscle and our muscles do stretch and contract. If something is inserted into the vagina, or when things come out or a  baby, then it can stretch. They don’t necessarily lose their elasticity though over time, with age, this can change with estrogen levels decreasing. This causes the vaginal tissue to get thinner or drier. 

MYTH: Only gay men can be infected with HIV

Truth: All sexual active beings can get HIV or any other kinds of sexually transmitted infections, regardless of sexual orientation.

MYTH: Pulling out of the vagina before ejaculation is safe.

Truth: Guys usually secrete fluid before the ejaculation phase, same with ladies- they also secrete the vaginal fluid during arousal and this exchange of fluids might not cause pregnancy, but can cause STI even if he pulls out before releasing.

MYTH: HIV can be transmitted through any bodily fluids.

Truth: HIV can be transmitted through four bodily fluids which are; semen, blood, breast milk and vaginal secretions. It’s not transmitted through any of other bodily fluids like urine, saliva, tears etc.

myth – that you need to have the smallest, tightest hole for penetration and that the tighter it is, the more pleasure it gives.

Truth: Some actually struggle with their vaginal canal not opening up/not stretching, or it’s a little bit smaller and causes so much pain. This is a condition in itself. You thinking that it’s something to strive for is really harmful. Ignore women who struggle with that particular condition.

MYTH: There is no birth control for men.

Truth: Many times, people equate the word birth control with hormonal birth control.  Whereas, birth control and contraceptives include things like; condoms, vasectomy which is a form of birth control that guys undergo surgically. 

MYTH: There is one universal definition of sex.

Truth: Infact, there has been a situation when 50 conference participants sat down to define it; about 50 definitions were generated- while some thought orsl sex should be considered sex, some others did not think so.

Another group of people actually thought that the context of the situation determined whether or not it was sex. For instance, if proper consent was obtained for a certain sexual activity ( some rape survivors of first time intercourse, consider themselves to still be virgins ) because rape is not consensual but violent.

On a final note, don’t be too shy in undertaking your own research to see what the truth is about sex, that way you will be able to make an informed decision.

– Vanguard

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