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Your phone dropped in water? See what to do

What should you do if you drop your phone in water 


▶️ Take your smartphone out of water immediately and dry it with a clean soft cloth.

▶️ Turn it off, and resist the urge to unlock it. 

▶️ For newer model eject the sim cards and memory cards.

▶️ If possible shake your smartphone to remove water from the headphone port and other ports. 

▶️ If it happens at night pop your device into an bowl of dry rice, cover it well and leave till day break.

▶️ Try turning on the device, If it works back up your files.

▶️ Do not charge nor sun dry it. Visit the product outlet around you.

▶️ Visit the product or calcare center with the receipt or box of the phone. 

Note: Warranty doesn’t cover water damage, so avoid water at all cost.

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