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MP3: Leo_Jubal ft. Uche Buzz – Jeje

The song was sung to encourage the forthcoming generation not to soil their garments but to take it slow in the game of life to make fame.

Leo_jubal is a soul writer and an Exceptional/ Eclectic singer..Rare of its kind

The name Jubal was given to him by his music teacher because he spent most of his time playing musical  instruments,  singing  and writing songs. He believes the only way to communicate the world is through his music and he has kept that strictly professional.



Verse 1 (Leo_jubal)

Do warns me everyday
Say son
Crime has no pay
Oh yeah..
It makes one go bad
It leaves dirts on you
So I’m saying
Take it slow..
Omo shey jeje
O ba de shey jeje e
Omo shey jeje e
Beauty fades away

Verse 2 (Uche)
Yeah!! Its buzz
Check it!!
Your mind like a bank vault
So guard it!!
Be careful of what your ears hear.
Be mindful of what your eyes see.
Grand mama told me stories
Under the moonlight
So, rather than cursing the darkness
We were blessed by light
Invaluable words and lessons
Spill out of her old lips
To our young ears

She’d tell us
Crime has no pay
So relax
Your time is coming
Take it eeeeeasy,
A step at a time
A stage at a time
My son jey jey o
No de jump gun o
No de follow boys
way de carry gun o

If e too de sweet you to press laptop
Go learn graphics design
Crypto or maybe forex

Bros, no vex.
No be say we no like flex
But if e involve say we gats press
Before we collect then guy rest
We are not interested!

Life has no get shortcuts
So enjoy the process, dont endure it!
If Satan whispers, do ignore it!
Learn to be in the moment
Dont dream it!
Live life, a day a time
Everyone get their own time

So, Jey Jey o

Pre- chorus (Leo_jubal)

See, what I’m thinking
I can’t explain
See, what I’m feeling
I can’t explain
Omo mi shey jeje
Beauty fades away
Yeah!!! ……


I’d be putting in my passion
Doing all it takes me
Nothing like aversion
But loving all my people
I’ll never conform to craziness of this world
I’ll take it slow
Slow oo
Slow ooo
Slow ooo
Slow oo

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