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My NYSC Journey: The Wish That Takes And The Will That Prevails, By Awoleye Samuel Bibitayo


The book of Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”

If only I had taken proper cognisance of this particular verse of the Lord’s word, maybe I wouldn’t have stressed about many things in the build up to my service year.

Let Me Take You Through How It All Begun

We all know that as an average Nigerian graduate applying for NYSC posting, we always have our preferred choice of states we want to be posted to because of reasons that are best known to us. In my case, I wanted to serve in Ogun State because I have family members there and it will be easy for me to settle in.

Therefore, I went into a 3 days fasting and prayer at the Baba Abiye mountain in Ede, Osun state to make my wishes ( I don’t want a school as my PPA and I want a stress free PPA) known to God and ask for His favor.

I paid for a direct posting to Ogun State and I was patiently waiting for the posting to be out.

Days went by and the postings were out, I checked mine and to my utmost surprise I was posted to Oyo State.

I called the man I paid to ask him what went wrong and he told me it was a mistake that I have to take it like that.

I was devastated and unhappy about this development because I know no one in Oyo state. I went back to God in prayers, made my supplication known to Him, the Holy spirit ministered unto me and said, “He’s in charge of my journey and I should leave everything to Him and stop manipulating His plan for my life.”

I took it in good faith and proceeded to Iseyin camp in Oyo state where I joined the parade group and I was selected as a sub parade commander.

Three weeks went by and I was posted to Ibadan city like I wanted. I got a free accommodation in a church lodge (Pilgrim Miracle Church).


For my Primary Place of Assignment (PPA), I was posted to State Police Headquarters Eleyele. I didn’t know government will pay #15,000 for corpers whose PPA are government schools, maybe I prayed the wrong prayer point in that aspect (laughs).

To God’s glory, I had a successful service year and fast forward to our Passing Out Parade (POP) on the 28th of April, we got our Oyo corpers magazine on the 27th and to my amazement, a friend drew my attention to the picture in front of the OYO KOPA’s magazine.

I looked at the picture and I realized it’s my picture and on the POP day, corp members that we camped together at Iseyin saw me and embraced me referring to my picture they saw on the magazine cover.T

his to me is not an achievement really, because no one will give you a dime or an award for being used as the cover of NYSC magazine.

Initially, I didn’t see any reason for sharing this but the Holy spirit whispered to me to share this as a testimony as God’s reward to obedience.

In my case here, please note that I was NOT the parade commander nor the platoon parade leader, I was just a sub commander. Hierarchically, I shouldn’t be the one to be used as a cover for the magazine but Listen, “Obedience commits God to take you above all Nations on earth” read Deuteronomy 28 vs 1.

God bless you.

I am Awoleye Samuel Bibitayo

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