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Equatorial Guinea 2022: African Peace Magazine receives accrediation

African Peace Magazine, UK, has received full accreditation to observe the 2022 Equatorial Guinea General Elections as an international Election observer.

The team was led by its Publisher, Noah Ajare, and many other members of the organisation to watch over the elections.

Ajare disclosed the relevance of a peaceful election to the development and political growth of a nation while urging voters to demonstrate serene morale before, during, and after the poll.

It [election] is very important because it is one of the core determinants of a peaceful state. It boosts the socio-economic, development, and growth of a country,” he said.

He also stressed the need for media participation and engagement in the promotion of peaceful polls.

The Equatorial Guinea election is scheduled to be held on Sunday, 20th of November as citizens of the country cast their votes for candidates of their choice for the presidency, members of Parliament, alongside local elections seats.

Equatorial Guinea is a country located on the west coast of Africa, consisting of Río Muni (also known as Continental Equatorial Guinea), on the continent

Formerly a colony of Spain with the name Spanish Guinea, the country achieved its independence on October 12, 1968. The capital is Malabo, on Bioko.

The incumbent President of the country, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who is seeking a sixth term in office after more than 43 years at the helm will be facing two opponents — Mr Esono Ondo, and Monsuy Asumu in the election.

Obiang, aged 80 is the current world’s longest-serving president as he seeks yet another term in the country.

His emergence in the Sunday poll would denote a sixth term as the President.

About 75 percent of Equatorial Guinea’s GDP comes from its oil output. While originally producing 160,000 barrels per day, the number has recently dropped to 93,000.

Despite the oil, most Equatorial Guineans live in poverty, with little access to healthcare and education.

“We hope this election is what would change the narrative and make the country prosperous,” Ajare noted.

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